Creamy Healthy Slow-Cooker Refried Beans

Creamy, easy to make and full of flavor, slow cooker refried beans will quickly replace those bland cans of beans sitting in your cupboard.

Once you realize how easy it is to make these Creamy Healthy Slow-Cooker Refried Beans, you’ll never go for the canned version ever again. The creamy texture is phenomenal and the flavor is as good or better than any restaurant version, and probably much healthier (no lard in this version, and no actual refrying involved).



Once the beans are finished cooking:


Place all ingredients in a large slow-cooker and cook on high for about 5-6 hours, or until beans are tender (smash a few against the side of the slow cooker to test for doneness). Once the beans are cooked, remove any excess water and set aside. Remove the bay leaf, add the salt and blend all ingredients with an immersion blender or mash with a potato masher to desired consistency. Add reserved liquid as needed to achieve desired thickness.


Cooking time is dependent on your brand of slow cooker. Check at the 5 hour mark and proceed from there.